Audio Bible Project

Audio bibles in use, a tool to help the Holy Spirit to reach the lost!

Recent advances in electronic technology have made it possible to capture the entire bible, along with pastoral teaching aids in a small, solar power, handheld player the size of a cell phone. Thanks to the efforts of Christ centered, mission minded organizations like MegaVoice, The Bible has now been recorded in over 170 different languages and is now available for those who cannot read, or who live in regions of intense Christian persecution.

Over the last two years, The King’s Storehouse has supplied these audio bibles (called Envoys) in the Swahili language to missionaries and ministers in Kenya and Tanzania. God is now opening the door for us to expand this distribution into Ethiopia, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Sudan. What an awesome opportunity God has provided us to spread HIS gospel to the ends of the earth.

We have found the Envoy to be extremely effective tool for sharing the gospel to peoples in very remote regions where the Gospel is not being broadcast by radio or television, or where missionaries have yet to reach. The envoy gives people the opportunity to hear the gospel in the safety of their own home or share it with the close friends and neighbors. The earphones make it possible for to listen to God’s word anytime at home or in public.

Missionaries and ministers can are finding the envoys useful for those individuals who are receptive to hearing about Jesus in the privacy of their home, or boma (Members of most small Masai villages are usually closely related to each other in some manner). Audio bibles have been found to be a useful supplement of God’s word when local reading skills are lacking, when there is no written bible in their language or when carrying a traditional bible can present itself as a danger for the individual.

Reports coming back from African missionaries and ministers confirm that God’s Holy Spirit is working powerfully through these audio versions of God’s word.

Here are a few examples in the simple words of new believers who have found out about Jesus through listening to these players: Thanks to Missionary/Evangelist Emmanuel N. Tanzania for sharing these stories with us in March 2015. In their own words, recorded from memory, that has been transcribed after translation from Masai to Swahili to English.

Ainoi Lemashanu: “I heard the teaching as a group in our boma, listening to the sermon of Jesus on the mountain, touch my heart; I decide to give my life to Christ!” Ainoi has been baptized.
Yohana Saitoti: “I was listening to audio the bible in Acts, touch my heart; I decide to give my life to Christ.” Yohana has been baptized.

Parkurito: “Through the teaching from the audio as I was listening I felt the need of Jesus Christ, I decided to surrender my life to Jesus as Lord and Savior.” Parkurito has been baptized.

Mepukori: “It was very difficult for me to be found in church, but in the home I saw audio and listen, final I confessed in my heart to think about God who loves us so much.” Mepukori has been baptized.

Nanyori: “I attended a fellowship in our neighbor and found them listening the word of God; I went and borrow so that I may listen more. Final I was blessed with the teaching of Jesus.” Nanyori has been baptized.

Namunyaki: :I had lots of challenge in life, on listening I learn that in God we have hope, I gave my life to Christ and come to church finding more hope in Jesus.” Namunyaki has been baptized.
Message from Pastor Thomas Molel: Thanks so much for the teaching audio bibles it has been a great blessings and helpful to discipleship and bible study in our community. The challenge in the Masai group is that most of them cannot speak Swahili. More than forty people have given their lives to Christ but the ones named have been baptized.

Emmanuel: We are all doing well as a Family! and ministry going on as well, I had a great ministry last week in the Tanga Region where I met with few Masai who had moved because of the pasture, I also met with few friends who are non-believers. We had a good time, I share the word of God to them and gave them bible audio to listen. I had a seminar for two days with few believers in the community. In the church, one brother who had gave his life to Christ just by listening a Bible audio was there giving his testimony that he was listening to the message just so that he may criticize Christians, but finally he was moved by the love of God and gave his life to Christ!

God’s word is being spread all around the world, and your donations to this cause will continue this mighty work that God is doing. All King’s Storehouse Administrative costs are paid for by its board members so 100% of your donation will go directly to the area of ministry you choose to support.
Should you wish to get involved with our Audio Bible Ministry, the cost for each audio bible runs about $35.00 to $60.00 depending on which model and options you request. This year alone (2015, we will be shipping the Envoy players to remote mountain regions in Honduras, Northwest Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Be a part of fulfilling “The Great Commission” and spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.