The King’s Storehouse’s (TKS) mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the far corners of the world. It is our desire to lead by example and reflect God’s love in the services we are providing to those who cannot provide for themselves.  Our board members pay for all TKS administrative costs so that 100% of all donations received will go directly to those in need.


Working together to help the ill

The Current Covid Crisis

Businesses all over the world have been shut down in response to covid leaving millions unemployed and with no means to provide food, shelter or medicinal supplies for their families. In under developed regions of the world like Central and South America, Africa and portions of Southeast Asia, the impacts of this pandemic are even more magnified.  With no social safety nets the people of these regions are facing starvation with no immediate hope in sight.  As a result of this worldwide need, The King’s Storehouse is working with “in country, boots on the ground” organizations with proven track records to provide financial support for food, clean water and basic medical supplies.  100% of all donations received will be used to meet the needs of “the least of these” whom Jesus referred to in Matthew 5:40.


Megavoice Audio Bibles
Megavoice Audio Bibles

Audio Bible Projects

Recent advances in electronic technology have made it possible to capture the entire Bible, along with pastoral teaching aids in a small, solar powered, handheld player the size of a cell phone.

Thanks to the global efforts of Christ centered and mission-minded organizations, the Bible has now been recorded in over 170 different languages and is now available in local dialects for those who cannot read the scriptures.

Over the last ten years, The King’s Storehouse has supplied these audio bibles in over twenty one languages to missionaries and ministers in Eastern Africa. God is now opening the door for us to expand this distribution into Ethiopia, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Sudan. What an awesome God! He has provided us this means to spread HIS gospel to the ends of the earth!


Providing clean water though filtration
Providing clean water though filtration

Clean Water Projects

According to the latest statistics, six thousand people die each day around the world just for lack of clean drinking water. Consequently, providing clean drinking water is one of the key components of our ministry.

Many of the regions served by The King’s Storehouse have little water at all or what they do have is contaminated with bacteria, parasites and protozoa.

One of our primary goals is to provide clean water to those who have no means to either acquire or filter their drinking water.

Please consider donating $45 today to provide a water filter or an audio Bible to a needy village.