Mission News

Greetings from Arusha Tanzania,

I just want to say Thank You so much for your prayers and financial support, last two week I had a great time in Tanga, being part of baptism and helping building a small church a local community, and baptism, then had a week in Dar es Saalam teaching DTS on mission and church planting, we felt blessed..

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. We love you and we are praying for you!!

In Christ,

Baptism in Tanga
Baptism in Tanga

Letter from John and Jacinta, Arusha:

Special Greetings from our family trusting that both you and your family have been doing well. It has been quite long since we last heard from you, how have you been? You remain in our thoughts and prayers for continued favour, strength and divine health.

We are doing pretty fine except for some health issues with Jacinta. She has been having some really issues with her back and very bad headaches, she will do with your prayers. Our kids have been well and back in school after their April school break. It was nice having them home for at least four weeks school break.

Ministry has been very encouraging and continue to grow touching/transforming many lives.  This past week I had a very good time teaching on our Masai DTS in Engikaret and enjoyed every bit of it. God has blessed us with 26 amazing Masai students all eager to learn and grow in the things of God. During the week, the Lord led us in laying all our dreams at the cross. We had all the students write up their dreams from when they were kids and lay them at the cross. Jeremiah 1:4-5 was very inspiring. The Lord touched our hearts in a big way. One of the other highlights of the week was spending time with our Primary school kids. Its has been encouraging to see these kids grow through the years from babies teenagers now. When we started the school about 12 years ago all these kids would come to school in the morning with flies all over their nose and mouth but now, that is something of the past. They have learnt how to wash themselves, how to pray and even share bible stories. We are so proud of both our YWAM staff and teachers who have worked tirelessly through the years.

Jacinta continues to focus on her ministry with the Masai women group and the sewing school for the young mothers.  Both ministries have been encouraging with so much spiritual growth. The 12 girls in her sewing class have been very captivating.

The construction of the teachers/ staff house in Masailand has progressed well with the roof already done, the grill windows, now working on filling the floor before laying concrete. The building is already looking very nice. Please pray with us for this next stage of flooring. When finished the building will help house both our teachers and staff at the Masai outreach centre.  We covet your prayers for God’s continued provision for this project. As it stands now,  we need another miracle to proceed.

Our April medical camp in Western Kenya & Engikaret (Masailand)  went very well with an estimated 1,600 vulnerable women and children treated and prayed for.  I had send a report on this in my previous email. We had a lot of malaria, pneumonia, amoeba, infections and  typhoid cases .  Some kids had really bad skin infections.  We had a lot of jigger cases especially among children aged 2-12. The camp was a blessing to so many people and we remain humbled.  We had quite some adventures especially on the last day of the camp.  We had an adventure on the last day of the camp after our vehicles got stuck for hours into the late hours of the night due to the ongoing rains in a lion prone area. The centre is located 3 hours drive from the Engikaret outreach post. It was not fun at all! Thankfully enough we managed to get around this and got back home around mid night. This medical camp saved many lives.

Please pray with us for the June medical/ camp and jigger treatment. With the ongoing rains Malaria, pneumonia and viral infections have been a major problem.

On a personal note, Jacinta and I are planning on attending the YWAM together gathering/ conference in Pattaya, Thailand Sept. 2nd – 8th. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide everything needed for this trip and that it will be truly a learning time for us. We trust that whatever we will learn from this conference will have a multiplication effect in our ministry and work.

Thanking you for your love and friendship, we send our love and prayers to you both.

John & Jacinta