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A Hypothetical Story?


There was once a kingdom ruled by a wise and benevolent king named Jeho who loved his subjects very much.  His greatest joy was to mingle with the people of his kingdom so he would travel throughout the land and go to great lengths to ensure their peace and happiness.  The King had a young son named Jess who also shared his fathers love for the people.  The two would take turns visiting the people of the land and enjoying their fellowship.  


Then, there was a prince from a foreign land named Luce who came to envy the Jeho’s kingdom and the relationship Jeho and his son had with the people.  Prince Luce decided he would try to take over theKingdom of Jeho by introducing a plague that would destroy all its inhabitants.  Prince Luce released the plague and it began to sweep across the entire length and breadth of the kingdom until man, woman and child became infected with the disease.  Soon after the people began to die and try as they might, they could find no cure for the disease.  However, it soon became apparent that the King’s son Jess was immune to the disease and was not affected by it.  They began to run tests and discovered that Jess’ blood contained not only a natural immunity to the disease but also had the ability to infuse that immunity into others.  Unable to reproduce Jess’ blood, it became apparent that the only way to immunize all the people of the land was to take a single drop of Jess blood and apply it over the heart of each man, woman and child in the land.  This would require doctors spread the news of this cure throughout the land and then provide the people with instructions on how to apply the medicine.  Unfortunately, in order to cure ALL the people, it would require ALL of Jess’ blood and would cause him to suffer an excruciatingly painful death as his blood was drained. 

Nevertheless, because his great love for his people, King Jeho gave his permission.  Out of love for his son, he let Jess make the final decision if he would give his life on behalf of the people.  Like his father, Jess also loved them so much that he was willing to give his life if that’s what it would take to save his people.  On the appointed day Jess, the son of King Jeho allowed his blood to be drained and when the last drop of blood was removed from his body, he died.

The doctors immediately began going to each home within the kingdom and telling the people if they would apply a single drop of Jess blood to their heart, they would be saved from death.  The people were amazed at the sacrifice the King and his son had made and began to come forward to receive the cure.  All of those who received the treatment were not onlly immediately cured, but also immune from future infection.  

When Prince Luce saw that his plan was being foiled, he was furious.  He immediately began to spread lies among the people.  First he told them there was no disease therefore, they needed no cure.  That worked for some but others were unconvinced, so he told them that they didn’t need Jess’ blood, there were lots of other cures to the disease that they should try first.  Prince Luce began to provide alternative cures that he promised would work just as well and he wrapped them up in nice shiny packages.  Some of the cures were to be eaten and they tasted wonderful.  Some of the cures he provided were to be applied to the skin and they felt great.  Some of the cures involved doing certain things everyday and the activities were fun so the people followed along. Prince Luce’ lies began to spread and the people began to turn away the doctors when they arrived at their homes with the cure.  Those who believed Luce’s lies denied their illness or tried other remedies but all to no avail.  All who failed to apply the cure which cost Jess his life, soon died. 

Driven by his hatred of King Jeho, Prince Luce began to convince the people that the medicine being offered by the doctors was dangerous and should not be trusted.  Many of the people began to ridicule and attack the doctors, causing them to spill the precious, limited drops of Jess’ blood onto the ground.  They went to great lengths to dismiss, disparage or discredit the sacrifice that Jess had made and began to persecute the doctors that told them about the cure.   A few however believed in the power of Jess’ blood, received it and were healed.   

For those who have no knowledge of the bible, this story is NOT hypothetical.  King Jeho is Jehovah God the Father who loves you more than you can imagine.  Jess in this story is Jesus the son of GOD who died on the cross so that your disease (sin) may be cured forever.  The doctors are those who preach and teach that JESUS is the only cure.  “For there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby you can be saved”.  Prince Luce is Lucifer or satan, the father of all lies, the destroyer who tries to convince you there is no disease (sin), or that there are many paths to heaven other than through Jesus Christ.     

So let me ask you a question.  If you were King Jeho and had the power and authority to judge the people who not only rejected the sacrifice made by your son, but also mocked and ridiculed his act of love…….what would you do?   The time is fast approaching when God’s invitation will no longer be free for the asking and your rejection of HIS cure will not only lead to death, but will also determine where you spend eternity.  The choice is yours, you can spend eternity in heaven with HIM, or in hell, forever separated from the ONE who loves you.  Think about it!

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