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Potenciana is a place where there are no vehicles and people either walk or ride horses/mules. (Editors note, the vehicle in the top left picture was ours) They still plow using a yoke of oxen and pigs, chickens, cows, oxen, mules, turkeys and guinea fowl roam freely throughout the village. They live in adobe houses with walls made out of mud bricks and roofs made of tile, all of which they make themselves. They use outdoor latrines and have to haul water for daily use which is contaminated with bacteria and parasites. They still cook with wood fires and have outdoor woodburning clay ovens for baking bread. Half of the 130 children in the village are barefoot and most only have one set of clothes. It gets fairly cool that high up in the mountatins (3,200 feet elevation) and they have little warm clothing available. There are no medical facilities, little government assistance and although fertile, the rocky, steep ground is extremely hard to cultivate because there is very littel level ground. They live entirely upon what they can produce which is barely enough to meet their own basic needs.In spite of all their hardships and poverty, these people are proud, gracious, willing to share what little they had with perfect strangers and always thankful for what they have.

It was to this location that God led my wife and I in September of 2009 and our lives have been changed forever as a result.  In the last three years The King’s Storehouse has installed a half mile of water pipe from a creek up in the mountains to this little village, we have provided a teacher for the 72 school age students in the village who had a one room school house, but no teacher, and most importantly, it was there we met Maely Sarai Figueroa Hernandez.  See Maely’s heartwarming story of how Almighty God heard the cries of a poor, little 10 year old crippled Honduran girl and intervened in such a series of miracles that we have created a page called Maely’s Miracle

 New water line providing water to the people of Potenciana!