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Angely’s House – Roatan Honduras

 Roatan Honduras is a beatiful Island off the coast of Mainland Honduras and is a very popular tourist destination.  Because of this, the tourism business is booming and so are the building supply businesses on the island.  Consequently, building materials are as expensive as they are here in the United States and with an average daily wage of $20/day few can afford the materials to build even the simplest of homes.  Several years ago Angely’s house in Roatan Honduras burned to the ground.  Since then, her and her children have been living with a neighbor and sleeping in their closet.  Angely works at the local clinic run by Miss Peggy (Peggy Stranges) called Clinica Esperanza and her situation was brought to the attention of a Christ centered ministry called Alternative Missions run by Mr. Tom Hackett which specializes in building homes for the poor in Central America and Africa.  Donations provided to Alternative Missions are used to buy materials and hire local labor to build homes for those who cannot afford the high cost of construction.  The King’s Storehouse has teamed up with Tom’s organization to get Angely’s house to a point where her and her children can move out of the neighbors closet and into their new home.  If God moves in your heart to help support this effort, please go the the Alternative Missions website to make your donation and please specify your contribution is to go towards Angely’s house in Roatan, Honduras.  The house is already under construction but as you can see from these photos, a lot of work needs to be done before they can move in.  The King’s Storehouse, combined with a mission team from Christ The King church in Bellingham Washington, will be arriving in June 2012 to work on Angely’s house and hopefully have it ready for her to move in before we leave.











Tom Hackett, Peggy Stranges and Angely standing behind Angely’s neighbors