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Maely’s Miracle

During our first trip to the remote village of Potenciana, in the highlands of Honduras in May 2009, Pat and I met a little 10 year girl name Maely Sarai who was born with a severely deformed left foot, a condition commonly referred to as a club foot. All she had to wear for shoes was a pair of over-sized rubber boots with the back cut out and due to her deformity, Maely’s mother left her by the river to die shortly after she was born. Maely’s grandmother found out and brought Maely home and raised her. Maely was never allowed to attend the village functions or fiestas and her grandfather would stay home with her during these lonely times to keep her company. Growing up an outcast, she was often made fun of by her peers and was not able to attend the one room school house in the village.

The first time we met Maely, she was hobbling down the road wearing her black rubber boots. We were driving down the dusty road near her home when Miguel’s wife, Wendy (who was from the village) told us her story. The video clip below shows the joy on her face as she rode inside a vehicle for the first time in her LIFE!  As we beheld this precious little girl, it was at that moment that we realized She was the reason that God had led us to this tiny little village in the remote mountains of Honduras. This little girl who was deformed, abandoned by her mother and an outcast in one of the poorest villages, in one of the poorest countries in the world, was one of the “least of these” that Jesus referred to in Matthew 25:40. So from HIS throne in the heights of heaven, the creator of the universe saw Maely’s suffering and steered us to this tiny, remote corner of the earth just to show her how much HE loves this child.

 Maely 1st ride in an automobile

Its was then God put a burden upon our heart to get her to the United States for corrective surgery. My first thoughts were, HOW ARE WE GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS? Maely had no birth certificate, no passport, no visa, had never been to a doctor, had never traveled outside of her village and we had no idea where to begin. God listened patiently to my excuses and then gently said, “TRUST AND OBEY”. In spite of these obstacles that appeared to be overwhelming, we were never the less deeply moved and humbled by the fact that the God who placed the stars in the heavens and gave each one a name, was allowing us to be HIS hands and voice in meeting the needs of one of HIS beloved children.



Time doesn’t allow me to elaborate on the multitude of mini-miracles that our God performed over the next year to make all of this possible, but in October 2010, Maely was undergoing corrective surgery in Los Angeles Childrens hospital. She returned home to her village in January 2011 walking tall and straight. She was the only person in her entire village that had ever been to the United States and she came back with six 30 gallon plastic totes full of toys, clothes, shoes and other items given her by the multitude of people who were moved by her story. You can see the very fingerprint of the Living God by reading the blog that we kept of Maely’s journey from the time she first left her village until she returned healed of her deformity. Follow this link for the full story of Maely’s miracle. Maely’s story had been read by thousands of people all around the world and she is a living testament to the power and glory of Almighty God who loves all of the Maely’s of the world and will move heaven and earth to care for them!

November 2011

Maely’s story is still being written and we are anxiously awaiting the outcome of a student visa request that has been submitted on Maely’s behalf that would allow her to come to the United States. Should this request be granted, we will bring Maely back with us in January 2012 to begin attending school at Lynden Christian School in Lynden, Washington. Looking back, I realize that God could have supernaturally reached down into Maely’s village and healed her. Instead, HE chose to allow us to be a part of this miracle and in so doing, touch the hearts and lives of literally thousands of people with her story. WHAT AN AWSOME GOD WE SERVE!