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Joey’s New Ride

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

 Although I feel God has answered this question to my satisfaction years ago, for some reason I just hadn’t felt the need to follow up on this…….. until Now.  This morning, I received the most amazing testimonial I have ever heard on this subject and I know that now is the time God wishes me to share it with you. 

First, allow me to provide some background on this story.  A little more than a year ago, a friend (Brian) informed me that one of his employees (Beth) had a son (Joey) who had been born with Spinabifida.  Joey was 15 at the time and had outgrown some of the braces and equipment he had been using.  When Beth heard that my wife and I gathered surplus medical supplies and equipment for distribution to the needy through our organization called The King’s Storehouse, she offered to donate these items to our non-profit.  We gladly accepted her gift and asked her to let us know if there was anything that we could do to help in the future.  A few months later, Beth sent us a note asking if The King’s Storehouse had access to “Fatso Tires” for Joey’s wheel chair.  She explained that Joey’s grandfather lived near the beach in Seattle and always wanted to take his grandson for a stroll on the beach.  The narrow tires on Joey’s wheelchair made it impossible  for his grandfather to roll it through the sand.  I knew nothing about Fatso Tires so  I looked them up online and found out that they are special made, extra large balloon type tires designed to allow a wheel chair to roll through soft dirt, sand and gravel.  I was shocked to discover these tires were $3,500 per pair and sadly informed Beth we didn’t have any but would be praying that God would provide.  In the short time we had been in business (2 yrs) we had discovered that…God has connections!  He would often prompt people to contact us with offers to donate materials or equipment at just the time, others were contacting us in need of those things.  With that in mind, we were confident that we would get a call any day from someone that just happened to have two Fatso tires they wanted to get rid of.  After a couple of weeks, not only had no one called to donate the tires, but God had really put a burden on our heart to do something about Joey’s request.  I looked at pictures of the Fatso tires and began to wonder how similar in size they were to motorcycle tires.  We asked Beth to drop off a spare wheel chair wheel so we could compare the diameter to a motorcycle tire.  The next weekend, my wife and I took the wheel chair wheel into Mount Baker motor sports and as discreetly as possible compared it to the wheels on several motorcycles on the showroom floor.   Now you can imagine the looks we got from salesmen behind the counter.  To our surprise (not really), we discovered the rear wheel of a 500CC street bike was exactly the same diameter as the wheel chair wheel.  We started to get excited then……we asked the salesman how much a rear tire and rim would cost.  He told us a new one would run about $800 to $900 dollars.  When we told him what we were wanting to do, he suggested we contact a company in Seattle called “Bent Bike” which specialized in salvaging motorcycle parts.  He said they could probably sell us a matching set of used tires for a lot less than $1800.   He went on to say that He was going there next week and if we wanted to buy some tires from there, he would bring them back to Bellingham for us.  We called Bent Bike, explained what we were doing and after a brief pause the salesman on the phone said ”  I’ll tell you what, I will sell you a matched set of tires and rims for $200.  I TOLD YOU GOD HAS CONNECTIONS! 

Realizing the Joey’s wheel chair would have to be modified to accommodate the larger tires, we asked Beth if she could drop it off for a weekend so I could design and fabricate a bracket that would connect the larger wheels. Beth did better than that and dropped off a spare wheelchair which she said we could have as long as we wanted.  Like a kid with a new erector set,  I immediately began figuring out how to attach two motorcycle tires to Joey’s wheel chair.  I started in late August several weeks later (and many trips to Hardware Sales) the chair was ready to go.  I still needed to finish one hub cap but my wife and I were about to leave for Honduras for two weeks and I didn’t want the summer to be gone before Joey got a chance to try out his new ride.  We dropped the wheel chair off at Brian’s office and left for Honduras the next day.  A week or two after we got back, Beth sent us the following pictures and I must admit, I cried like a baby when I saw them.  Is our God GOOD, or WHAT!  God could have provided a donor that could have given us the tires and that would have been the end of the story… but instead, HE used Joey’s need to bless Beth, me and my wife, the salesman at Mt Baker motorsports and an unknown salesman at Bent Bike in Seattle to show us how wide and deep HIS love is for HIS children.  Here are some photos of Joey enjoying his new ride at the beach!









Well the story doesn’t end there, shortly after this, we heard that Joey had just been diagnosed with Cancer and was undergoing a rigorous routine of cancer treatments.  Brian sadly informed me of Joey’s weakening condition and I cried out to God with a mixture of anger, sadness and hope that Joey would be healed.  After almost 40 years of calling upon the name of my God, I knew that HE was faithful, loving and just.  I knew that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, to them that are the called according to His name, but things don’t always turn out the way we hope they would.  I also knew that this world is only temporary and that heaven is eternal.  I knew that if God called Joey home, he would be free from the physical pain and limitations that had been with him all of his life on this earth, but I couldn’t even imagine the pain and anguish that Beth was going through.  So now… Paul Harvey would say, here is the rest of the story!

Joey survived his cancer treatments and at last report there has been no trace of his cancer.  He recently was granted a wish from the “Make a wish foundation” and elected to take his grandfather and mom on a fishing trip to Alaska.  God continues to use Joey’s story as a testament of HIS love, power and dominion!  I would like to close with the testimony I received this morning from Joey’s mother Beth.  Here are her words and if you can read this without crying…you’re a stronger person than I am!

I have to share this with you Bob… as it really rocked my boat. A couple weeks ago in church, our pastor spoke about why bad things happen and short of long he said that God allows these things to happen to us so we can experience what He goes through with us. Right away I realized that my son got cancer because God was showing me how he felt about ME (personally!) – watching me be eaten up by the things in this world was for Him as me watching cancer trying to kill my son, eating away at his very existence, changing cells and trying to kill him, that’s what the devil was doing to me – that’s what I was allowing to happen by floundering around in this world, not having a relationship with Him – I was being killed, slowly but surely and it was breaking His heart. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it put my relationship with God into an entirely different realm. Then this weekend Pastor Cliff talked about “losing to win” scenarios, when, because we are totally broken and have no where else to go, we finally come to God, and then we win! He said most of the time, we come out with scars, a limp, etc.. evidence of our loss but also a reminder of how we’ve won. I have to tell you Bob, my walk with God wasn’t much when Joe was diagnosed with cancer, in fact I’ll say it was non-existent, but hearing my son had CANCER broke me, I physically felt like I was dying, and that very night, I reached for my bible, I read and then I prayed and I begged for him to help me, and at that moment I HONESTLY felt his presence, I felt like everything was going to be alright, and since then I’ve had nothing but joy!! My reminders are the constant visits to Children’s and the pain I carry knowing Joe has cancer – but the WIN overshadows all of it, I have a relationship with MY FATHER again and its better than it ever has been!! How silly is that? My son has cancer, and I’ve been filled with delight!

A son is healed, a mother is drawn into the arms of her loving God, lives are touched……and our GOD reigns supreme from HIS throne in heaven!     IS OUR GOD GOOD…..OR WHAT!

Joey was baptized during the 2012 Easter service at his church.  He and his mother continue to praise and lift up the name of Jesus and are a powerful testimony of the Love, Power and Authority that is our GOD.