Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through our words AND our actions


The King’s Storehouse is working hand in hand with a number of other Christ centered non-profit organizations to provide medical supplies and equipment to 8 different countries around the world. At present we shipped much needed medical equipment to clinics in Honduras and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have shipped medical supplies to orphanages in Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nepal and Kenya. We have also provided thousands of tooth brushes, tooth paste and dental floss to clinics and orphanages in Honduras, Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mexico.

Sometimes God leads us to some remote corner of the world just to touch the life of one of HIS dearly beloved children.  Such was the case with Maely Sarai, a wonderful little girl that we met in a remote mountain village in the highlands of Honduras.  See Maely’s Miracle for details.  Here is a video of 10 year Maely’s first ride in an automobile.

We have been working closely with “Clinica Esperanza” on the Island of Roatan, Honduras to provide the village people of Colonia with safe, dependable, and most of all affordable health care. We will continue to pursue every opportunity that God places before us to provide HIS people with a chance to live a happy, productive and spirit filled life in Christ.