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Pemba Island Tanazania Church Renovation Complete!

The bathroom, now complete, contains two toilets and a shower.

A modern flushing toilet and sink help with sanitation.

A water tank provides storage for the sink, toilets, and shower.

Thanks to your donations, the renovation of the church and bathroom facilities is complete! It focused on re-roofing the main church building with new metal roofing, plastering walls, extending a wall two feet higher, adding concrete beam, changing doors, repairing the pulpit area, and digging and building a church toilet.

Just by making this building look nice and strong will be a living testimony to the whole community that the God of Christians is alive. It will be a 24 hour testimony to whomever that passes by that “Jesus saves”. Mosques are built very nicely they get support from many Muslim agencies.  Why not make the house of our King of Kings look good? I believe that through this building some souls will come to Christ.

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