Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through our words AND our actions

Evangelism Projects

Those of us serving in the ministry of the King’s Storehouse realize that true Christian evangelism is more than just sharing the good news about Jesus’ love through evangelistic programs.  We must also be willing to manifest that love through evangelistic projects which address specific needs in the villages that God has led us to.  In that light The King’s Storehouse sponsors projects that range from constructing homes for the poor, providing support for the sick and/or handicapped and coordinating with US based medical facilities to provide specialized surgical services.  All of these services are provided free of charge and all glory given to the King of King’s who made all of this possible. 

Within the last two years, The King’s Storehouse has had the great privelage of serving as the hands of Jesus in meeting some very special needs through our Evangelism Projects.  Projects such as “Maely’s Miracle“, “Joey’s New Ride” and “Angely’s House” are amazing testaments to the love and power of Almighty God and how HE can move governments, organizations, people and events to accomplish HIS perfect will.   I never cease to be amazed at the complete and perfect plan that God has for each of us if we are only willing to Trust and Obey HIM.  We have seen the very fingerprint of GOD in the miracles that HE has performed and are so incredibly blessed to have played a part in the stories listed above.

We will continue to share the love of Christ through our actions and look forward to posting more stories about God’s mighty work in the future.  Some of our Evangelism projects include leading missions teams on “work missions” to Honduras (3 last year).  We are leading a team to Roatan in June 2012 and will be going to Tanzania in Spring of 2013.  If God puts a burden on your heart to get engaged in missions, The King’s Storehouse will have lots of opportunities for you to Trust and Obey.  Feel free to send us a note requesting details regarding current projects and upcoming mission trips.