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AWANA’s Colonia, Roatan Honduras

La Colonia is a community of about 5,000 that has sprung up on the steep rugged hills above the pristine beaches of Sandy Bay, Roatan Honduras.  The hills are so steep, the people have literally carved out flat spots in the side of the hills just large enough to build their homes.  Needless to say there is no flat ground to play in for literally hundreds of children that live in Colonia.  Earlier this year (2012) Living Water 4 Roatan (LW4R) started an AWANA’s program for the children of La Colonia and purchased some property at the base of the hills which make up the community.  LW4R has dedicated this site for a “New Life Center” which will provide the children of Colonia with a place to play, learn and grow in the knowledge of their God who loves them.  If you can imagine, most of these kids are from single parent homes, living in homes without electricity, running water or toilets and may not know where their next meal is coming from.  LW4R has provided them an Oasis of Love where they are free to run and play and see first hand the love of Christ.  The King’s Storehouse is honored to come along side LW4R to provide materials and support for their AWANA’s program and encourage others to support this effort by going to and donating to their Honduras AWANA’s program.

AWANA’s gives these kids  the chance to be kids and enjoy the Life Center playground built by Living Water 4 Roatan.                                        

 AWANA’s Pool Party                                                                                        AWANA’s sack races